Shuttle buses serve several destinations from Adisucipto Airport; it is served by a bus operator Damri. These fares are valid as of July 20, 2016.

Service Destination Fare
Adisucipto Airport Bus
Damri Kebumen (Hotel Patra) IDR 60,000
Damri Magelang (Hotel Wisata) IDR 50,000
Damri Purworejo (Pool Damri) IDR 50,000
Damri Wonosari IDR 50,000
Damri Secang IDR 60,000
Damri Temanggung IDR 70,000
Damri Borobudur IDR 75,000
Damri Borobudur IDR 85,000


Trans Jogja, a bus rapid transit (BRT) of Yogyakarta opened several routes passing through the Adisucipto Airport which connects passengers to destinations around Yogyakarta, along with other Trans Jogja routes.

Service Route  
Trans Jogja City Bus
Trans Jogja Line 1A Prambanan Bus Terminal – Adisucipto Airport – Tugu Station – Malioboro – Jogja Expo Center (JEC)  
Trans Jogja Line 1B Prambanan Bus Terminal – Adisucipto Airport- Jogja Expo Center (JEC) – General Post Office – Pingit – Gadjah Mada University  
Trans Jogja Line 3B Giwangan Bus Terminal – Jokteng Kulon – Pingit – MM Gadjah Mada University – Yogyakarta Northern Ring Road – Adisucipto Airport – Kotagede